Dead: The Ugly Beginning by TW Brown


Just finished reading Dead: The Ugly Beginning, and let me tell you, it was pretty damned twisted.  It was sick.  The word vile springs to mind, in fact.

So, naturally, I can’t wait to read the next installment.

I’ve seen some zombie stories that were either too campy (by which I mean the unintentionally campy), or too repetitive.  Let’s face it, the formula of “Zombies appear, kill people, and are dispatched through head shot after head shot until the story’s over” can get really tedious.  This is not the case with Dead.  TW Brown does an exceptional job of capturing not just the gory head shots, evisceration, and entrails, but the down beats, the story beats, and the larger world view through the aid of six sets of vignettes.

Brown chooses to open his zombified world with two core groups of characters.  The first group centers around Steve, who, in his own words, “ain’t no hero.”  Steve is a loner who quickly finds himself in charge of a growing band of survivors.  The second group is affectionately known as The Geeks . . . but, they’re cool geeks . . . like me and you.  Right.

There’s a lot of adventure as both teams search for refuge against the growing sea of undead.  There’s some disturbing imagery to be certain, but it’s not gratuitous.  It’s actually TW Brown forcing us to look deep into the gaping soul of a tortured mankind.  It’s not his fault we don’t necessarily like the ugly truth staring back at us.

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