Forging Truth Blog Stops

Since its release, I haven’t really done too much PR work for Forging Truth. So, over the next month or so, I’m conducting a blog tour through the kindness of some of my fellow authors and bloggers. I’ll be doing several giveaways during this time, too. Of course, I still have 40 days or so left with my Kickstarter project, if anyone’s interested in donating there.

Here are the dates that I have so far. There are about 10 more that haven’t been finalized. That still leaves several, so if you are interested in hosting a stop that’s not filled in, I’d more than welcome it. I’m open to an excerpt, and interview, a giveaway, or a book review. I can also do a guest post if you give me an idea of what you’re looking for.

April 15: Kickoff post on

April 16: Giveaway announcement on (LINK UPDATED) (This actually went live on 4/17.)

April 17: Podcast interview about turning the geeky things I love into creative works at (It was recorded and should be up later this week, complete with uhs and ums.)

April 18: A book review by my nephew (Hey, I have no shame!) over at (Updated with correct link)

April 19: OPEN

April 20: OPEN

April 21: A guest post about Forging Truth

April 22: OPEN

April 23: OPEN

April 24: OPEN

April 25: An interview, discussing what got me where I am today at

April 26: Author Interview at (Formerly scheduled for 4/20.)

April 27: A guest post about writing over at

April 28: OPEN

April 29: A guest post about Kickstarter, crowdsourcing, and the self-pub pros and cons

April 30: OPEN

May 1: Book review here:

May 2: OPEN

May 3: Learn a little more about my book at

May 4: OPEN

May 5: OPEN

May 6: OPEN

May 7: OPEN

May 8: OPEN

May 9: A guest post with topic TBD at

May 10: OPEN

May 11: OPEN

May 12: OPEN

May 13: OPEN

May 14: Interview, excerpt, and giveaway at

May 15: Wrap up post on


Dangerous Hunts – A Zombie Fathers Day Tale by Raymond Masters (via …. i can stay)

My first review (aside from the awesome one Sean did up on Amazon). Awesome. Very complimentary, Emmet. Thanks!

– Ray

Dangerous Hunts – A Zombie Fathers Day Tale by Raymond Masters "So, do you think , kiddo?" Though, judging by his son's disgusted expression, Matthew probably already knew the answer. Mockingly, Robby answered, "If it moves, you can kill it." "Why the sarcasm, I thought you got off on stuff like this." "Um, just because you're now married to my mom, doesn't mean you know me. You haven't even known me long enough to know me." Originally posted over at Tastes Like Comics. Robby and his new father Matthew have … Read More

via …. i can stay