Memphis Comic and Fantasy Conventions, November 9-11

MCFC Poster

MCFC Poster

Guess where I’ll be this weekend. Yep! I’ll be there promoting Forging Truth and my other writing across 3 different panels. Here’s a link to where I posted on GeekDad about it:

  • Friday, 5:00pm-6:00pm — Getting the Gizmo/Science Right
  • Saturday, 12:00pm-1:00pm — Getting Visual: Writing Scenes for Comics, Books & Movies
  • Saturday, 2:00pm-3:00pm — Q&A with Raymond Masters

My books are now in the hands of over 600 people!!

In the past 5 days, I gave away 585 copies, combined, of Forging Truth and Dangerous Hunts!!!  That puts me somewhere around the 650-copy range!  For this indie author, it might as well be 6,000.  Heh.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

– Raymond

Promotional Screw Up: Positive or Negative?

Okay, wow.  When I screw up, I do it right!  Last night, I announced that starting today and going through February 16, Dangerous Hunts would be available for FREE.  Well, it is, so I did at least that much right.  Along with Dangerous Hunts, though, I some how managed to list Forging Truth for FREE, as well.  I’ve thought about doing so, but I’ve really been looking for the right time to do so.

So, this morning, I about had a heart attack when I checked to see the status of Dangerous Hunts, only to find out I had also “sold” 111 copies of Forging Truth in about 12 hours.  Well, needless to say, I thought maybe it was in relation to heavy promoting as of late.  At the worst, I figured on a glitch in the system.  Then, while laughing with my wife over the probable glitch, it donned on both of us at the same instant: What if I were the glitch?  What if I had listed both books at $0.00?

Sure enough.  That’s when I quickly clicked on end promotion for Forging Truth.  Of course, the other is still in effect until February 16.  That means if you’re still interested in picking your copy up, and you’re not one of the hundred or so to have already done so, you may go out and snag it for your Kindle right now.

On the upside, this has helped get my books out there.  In half a day’s time, a combined 250 copies have made it into the hands of potential Amazon and GoodReads reviewers, word-of-mouthers, and bloggers.  Hope they all enjoy my screw up to the max.

Here’s a snapshot of the numbers at the moment:

# Given Away of Forging Truth

US:  121

UK:  14

DE:  3

# Given Away of Dangerous Hunts

US:  84

UK:  27

DE:  0

Rank of Dangerous Hunts (In the Kindle Store, not just in FREE)

#20 on

#70 on

Rank of Forging Truth (In the Kindle Store, not just in FREE)

#36 on

#21 on (Note: I can’t get a rank to pull up now, for some reason, but about 3o minutes ago, it was right behind Dangerous Hunts as #21.)

Free: Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale, Feb. 12 – Feb. 16

Dangerous Hunts

Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father's Day Tale

Get your free copy of Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale from Feb. 12 through Feb. 16.  JUST IN TIME FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

The brochure reads: “Dangerous Hunts: If it moves, you can kill it.” But the Carters will soon discover that not everything that moves can be killed.

At his wife’s urging, Matthew Carter takes his new step-son on a Father’s Day hunt he will not soon forget.

It’s open season on the undead, and there’s no limit on the amount you can bag.

Exactly What Did I Accomplish In 2011?

Well, this is the second annual “Exactly What Did I Accomplish” post. Guess it’ll become a tradition if I remember to do it next year. So, what did I accomplish? As far as actual writing goes, I’m not sure I did too much, really. I did however make a couple of large leaps toward getting my work out there.

I spent the month of February furiously typing out the manuscript for what would become Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale. I wrote it for a specific anthology that, I’m sorry to say, I didn’t make it into. While I’m sorry it wasn’t accepted, I’m equally excited with it. Why? Well, because… (See June’s entry.)

March was the month I found my niche, as it were.’s GeekDad blog welcomed me into the fold, and it’s become the perfect vehicle for me to express my geekdom (31 articles!!). March was also the month I left my Professional Fanboy column at Project Fanboy. While I appreciate their helping me into the world of geek news coverage, I’ve really felt like a part of a family at GeekDad. Plus, I’ve been allowed to break several exclusives and interview some of my favorite writers and artists. One of the coolest things this year, also happened in March: David Cabrera finished the artwork for Black Dawg, my short story for Viper Comic’s Cryptophobia anthology. Maybe 2012 will finally see it published. Fingers crossed.

In June, I self-published Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and on This was my first time to publish anything, and I was on cloud nine for this 8,000-word story.

August I picked up my first paid job in the writing/publishing world. Where I had been a slush reader for Dark Quest Books, I now primarily do PR work for them. I currently have three authors under my umbrella. I learned a lot about book promotions in 2011 that I plan on building on in 2012. I’ll carry that knowledge over to my own stuff as well.

In November, I began the final edit of Forging Truth, formatting it as I went. The goal was to have it to the printer and in my hands by the end of the year.

On December 21, my 5 proof copies of Forging Truth arrived. They were beautiful. Last night, another 10 books came in, and I have those all spoken for, too. Also, last night, I put the finishing touches on the eBook for Forging Truth. As I mentioned in today’s post, I’m so excited to say it’s now available on the Kindle for $4.95 or through Amazon Prime for FREE.

All and all, it was a pretty awesome year to this guys. So, what goals do I hold for 2012?

I’d like to finish Corrupting Truth and have it ready to publish by June 30.
I’ll probably be doing a Kickstarter campaign to help out along the way, so look for that information soon.
I plan on doing a lot more PR work for my Dark Quest authors, as well as offering my services freelance. (See my Slushpimp page for more details.)
I’d like to wrap up The Coyote and the Spider to submit to Viper soon.
Lastly, I’m hoping to get in with another of Chris Wolfe’s projects, called Project Breakthrough.

Who knows what else waits in 2012? Heck, I didn’t even know most of this year’s goodness was coming.

Happy New Year!


Promotional Handouts for Black Dawg and Dangerous Hunts

I have printed out some of the postcards available from Avery with the following promotional adds for Black Dawg (Coming Soon from Viper Comics) and Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale.  I’ll be handing them out tomorrow at the River City Comic Convention in Little Rock, if anyone’ll be there or knows someone who will.

I didn’t get a booth this time, as I only have the one book out, and a table costs $40.  They’ll be having another one in November that I might go to.  If so, what I’ll probably do is get a friend to gather up his comics for sale and I’ll get together mine.  I have Magic: The Gathering cards and Hero Clix I might throw in, too.  Combined with our random comic/geek stuff for sale, I could have some hard copies of Dangerous Hunts available.

Just a thought.

Oh, hey, feel free to copy both ads and wall paper the Internet with them.  Shoot, wallpaper your local Wal-Mart bathrooms with them.  The point is, I need help spreading the word.

“You stay classy.”


Dangerous Hunts – A Zombie Fathers Day Tale by Raymond Masters (via …. i can stay)

My first review (aside from the awesome one Sean did up on Amazon). Awesome. Very complimentary, Emmet. Thanks!

– Ray

Dangerous Hunts – A Zombie Fathers Day Tale by Raymond Masters "So, do you think , kiddo?" Though, judging by his son's disgusted expression, Matthew probably already knew the answer. Mockingly, Robby answered, "If it moves, you can kill it." "Why the sarcasm, I thought you got off on stuff like this." "Um, just because you're now married to my mom, doesn't mean you know me. You haven't even known me long enough to know me." Originally posted over at Tastes Like Comics. Robby and his new father Matthew have … Read More

via …. i can stay