20 Copies of Forging Truth

With only 60 hours left to reach my Kickstarter goal, I posted another update. Here’s the link:



Well, I received my order of 20 copies of Forging Truth. You would have thought it was Christmas around here. It might as well have been 200 copies, instead. My wife got a kick out of the fact that I made her feel how heavy the box was.

“Your books are pretty heavy.”

“I know.”

It’s a good feeling. My parents gave me $100 to go toward it. I’ll get to put some in a mom & pop store down the road. I have a few folks who have been waiting on me to get some more physical books, too. Also, I’m going to send one off to the powers-that-be at Books-a-Million to see about landing it on their regional author shelf. If so, I’ll get to do a book signing there, too.

Fingers crossed.


Kickstarter Upadate: A Thank You to My Wife

Just published this over at Kickstarter. There are only 4 days left, and I badly need your assistance. Go here to check out my campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/669727244/fund-the-truth-saga-book-2-and-get-books-1-and-2/posts/232336


If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’d like to use today’s update as a way of saying thanks to my wife of THIRTEEN YEARS TODAY!!!


Sorry about that. Anyways…

We met in 1998 and married in ’99. I began writing in 2002. She had no idea what she was getting into. ūüôā Being married to a writer is probably not all it’s cracked up to be. At times, she probably feels neglected. The blank page is my mistress and sometimes, it’s hard to fight her tempting embrace. I lay next to my wife, tossing and turning, praying my ideas will remain fresh through the night. She pretends to sleep as I give in and slip out of bed to sneak in just a few last words for the day. There probably shouldn’t be a time I shut my door to her, yet I have to close out the world when I’m in an urgent frenzy.

Then, there’s the financial side of it. As an Indy author, I am not given an allowance from my publisher. No, it comes from my wife. To be honest, I probably have to cut through just as much red tape. And it’s for the best. My wife knows that should she loosen the purse strings, I would return it wrong side out and threadbare. Author’s copies aren’t cheap when you print-on-demand. My cover artist, though reasonably priced, still enjoys being paid. And advertising? Well…

But bless her… My wife is always there for me. Steadfast, she watches over me to make sure I’m spending wisely, saving my sales receipts to pay for the next batch of books, and not wasting away my “free time” on the Internet. It is because of her that I click and clack at the keyboard when I really just feel like putting in the next disc of whatever series we’re watching at the time.

After all, if I don’t crank out the next volume in The Truth Saga, she’s threatening physical violence. And that is the hard love for which I am most thankful.

Happy anniversary, baby! I’ll get you that book soon enough.

– Raymond

Mid-life Resolutions, Part 2

My mid-life resolutions strategy can best be summarized like this:

Throw enough stuff at the wall that something’s bound to stick.

  • Network:¬† Sure, I Twitter, and I blog, and I love the guys and gals over at Gail Simone’s You’ll All Be Sorry forum on CBR, but what about¬†everything else?¬† There are literally new¬†social media and forums popping up daily.¬† Why shouldn’t I be out there on them, getting to know people?¬† These are potential readers, potential employers, and most of all, peers.¬† It’s a wide-open space out there, and it couldn’t hurt to check it all out.
  • I’m currently auditioning for a slushpile readership.¬† Who knows if I’m a solid fit for that sort of thing?¬† Until the ride’s over, I can at least use the opportunity to see how the other half lives.¬† I have four sample query letters in my inbox as I type this.¬† I have to critique them and decide whether I would keep or reject them.¬† I should be able to take away some insight into the proper (and improper) things to include in a query letter/submission.¬† Also, I get to stand a little closer to the hidden publishing doorway.¬† My goal: to sneak in when they’re guard is down.
  • For my birthday, I’m getting Manga Studio 4 and a¬†MousePen and tablet set.¬† Up until I hit puberty and came down with a bad case of the brain-haze, I could actually draw pretty well.¬† I even won third place in a contest, drawing Doomsday (the creature that killed Superman) when I was around thirteen.¬† Over time, however, my talent has mutated into something that is better left in the bottom of a storm drain.¬† It’s my goal, however, to practice, practice, practice on my art until I can at least produce some decent pin-ups and webcomics.
  • As you know, I have an eight-page story coming up in an anthology to be published by Incubator Press.¬† Since I began writing, I’ve always thought in long-form.¬† Novels, in other words.¬† Since I broke down a script into comic book format, it taught me that, hey, I’m okay with the short-form works, too.¬† In the past couple of months, I’ve had so many short story ideas run me over that it’ll be hard to know which one I want to start with first.¬† When I do get them all knocked out, you can be fairly certain they’ll be flying out of my outbox and into every inbox I can.
  • My first love will always be novels (Well, ok, besides comics).¬† Without a doubt, I will never be without a novel in one form or another on my hard drive.¬† I’m currently working on my second Truth Saga novel, the first in my Grim Wars series, and I just came up with a heck of an idea for a done-in-one thriller.¬† I’ll be living with these characters for years and years to come.
  • Writing for comics has always been my number one goal.¬† Even while I’m writing prose, I’m doing it with the hope of being noticed and breaking through that ungodly wall that cuts off the legion of comic fans who wish to be comic writers.¬† With many thanks to Incubator Press, I now have a spark to flame.¬† In time, I will start a blaze to ENGULF US ALLLLLLLL!!!!¬† BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! [Twirls Mustache]
  • Everyone familiar with the Kickstarter program?¬† This is phenomenal.¬† They help out creative minds that control little to no capital.¬† If you want to get that indy movie, comic, novel, or song made, but you just don’t have the dough to get it started, you can go to kickstarter.com and set up a project.¬† Then, you can direct your friends and supporters to your project, and beg and plead for their dollars in exchange for really cool rewards that you set up.¬† You can give away signed copies of your work, recognition, etc.¬† Check this out for sure.¬† Chances are good you’ll be seeing me up there some day soonish.
  • One other idea I’m kicking around is becoming an indy book reviewer.¬† If I did this, I’d start out with the books of those I know, and try to help them get known.¬† I just received my first novel for review today.¬† When I can clear off a little of the ol’ schedule, I’ll test the waters with a little bit of a review on here.¬† Maybe I’ll ask for yours some day.

I’m also looking into ebooks, modding for a well-published friend’s website, writing a script or two with my friend Terrance, and probably a million other things.¬† Plus, I have a new ingenious plan every day.¬† I can’t wait to look back on these upcoming thirty years and see how much of this I’ve been able to dabble in.

Do you have other ideas or opportunities that you’re excited about?¬† Share.¬† Yeah, comment away.

– Ray