Always the Last

I’m always last to the party.  I’m the last one on the proverbial block to get the latest gadget, adopt the latest fad, see the latest movie, or adopt the latest slang.  In fact, by the time I get to “the latest” I’m already to late.

  • Video Games – Got an Atari when NES was in its prime.  Loved it.  Took a while to realize I “needed” a Nintendo.  When I got one, everyone else was getting ready to retire theirs for a Genesis or Jaguar (heh heh).  I finally got my PS3.
  • Internet – I was dial-up when dial-up wasn’t cool . . . of course, that’s because I was still dial-up long after DSL, broadband, and the lot.  Let’s hear it for living out in the boonies.
  • Message Boards – Put off and put off joining a message board.  When I did, I loved it.  My first one was the now defunct  Then, I moved on to  That’s a fantastic site with loads of information and hilarious folks.
  • MySpace – that one, I was late to, and never really clicked.
  • Twitter – Started back at the end of last year.  I’m finding myself steadily getting in deeper and deeper with this.
  • Blogging – here I am.  This is my second attempt, but its my first serious go of it.
  • DVD Player – Now that I’ve got my PS3, I can actually watch Blue Ray.  Can I trade you some VHS?
  • Movies – Can’t go to the theater.  Gotta wait till Redbox, baby.
  • Comics – I get my books a month late to save enough money to be able to actually afford this hobby.
  • A girlfriend . . . er . . .

. . . Nothing to see here.

Signed, The Late Raymond Masters