Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale “Dead Giveaway” Ebook Contest

Check out my contest lurching your way.  Yep, I’m jumping on the contest bandwagon and giving away a copy of Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale.

The Carters will soon discover that not everything that moves can be killed.

The winner(s) can choose any format available on either Amazon or Smashwords.

Contest Dates:

July 7 – July 31

The standard RULES apply.


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BONUS: I will give away an extra copy for every ten people who leave a comment, so be sure to tell your undead army of friends.

I will post the winner around the first of August.  Good luck!

– Raymond


Dangerous Hunts Amazon Kindle Edition – $0.99








Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale is now up on Amazon for Kindle.  Please, head over and download it for 99 cents and then give me some feedback on what you think.



Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale – Only $0.99

A Zombie Father's Day Tale

My first self-published short story

The brochure reads: “Dangerous Hunts: If it moves, you can kill it.” But the Carters will soon discover that not everything that moves can be killed. At his wife’s urging, Matthew Carter takes his new step-son on a Father’s Day hunt he will not soon forget. It’s open season on the undead, and there’s no limit on the amount you can bag.

This is my first venture into the all too accessible world of self-pub/e-pub.  I’m still working some kinks out, but I wanted to at least get it up somewhere prior to Father’s Day this Sunday.

Please, pick it up at Smashwords and let me know what you think.  Find it here:  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/66532

Thanks a million!

– Raymond