Exactly What Did I Accomplish In 2011?

Well, this is the second annual “Exactly What Did I Accomplish” post. Guess it’ll become a tradition if I remember to do it next year. So, what did I accomplish? As far as actual writing goes, I’m not sure I did too much, really. I did however make a couple of large leaps toward getting my work out there.

I spent the month of February furiously typing out the manuscript for what would become Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale. I wrote it for a specific anthology that, I’m sorry to say, I didn’t make it into. While I’m sorry it wasn’t accepted, I’m equally excited with it. Why? Well, because… (See June’s entry.)

March was the month I found my niche, as it were. Wired.com’s GeekDad blog welcomed me into the fold, and it’s become the perfect vehicle for me to express my geekdom (31 articles!!). March was also the month I left my Professional Fanboy column at Project Fanboy. While I appreciate their helping me into the world of geek news coverage, I’ve really felt like a part of a family at GeekDad. Plus, I’ve been allowed to break several exclusives and interview some of my favorite writers and artists. One of the coolest things this year, also happened in March: David Cabrera finished the artwork for Black Dawg, my short story for Viper Comic’s Cryptophobia anthology. Maybe 2012 will finally see it published. Fingers crossed.

In June, I self-published Dangerous Hunts: A Zombie Father’s Day Tale through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing and on Smashwords.com. This was my first time to publish anything, and I was on cloud nine for this 8,000-word story.

August I picked up my first paid job in the writing/publishing world. Where I had been a slush reader for Dark Quest Books, I now primarily do PR work for them. I currently have three authors under my umbrella. I learned a lot about book promotions in 2011 that I plan on building on in 2012. I’ll carry that knowledge over to my own stuff as well.

In November, I began the final edit of Forging Truth, formatting it as I went. The goal was to have it to the printer and in my hands by the end of the year.

On December 21, my 5 proof copies of Forging Truth arrived. They were beautiful. Last night, another 10 books came in, and I have those all spoken for, too. Also, last night, I put the finishing touches on the eBook for Forging Truth. As I mentioned in today’s post, I’m so excited to say it’s now available on the Kindle for $4.95 or through Amazon Prime for FREE.

All and all, it was a pretty awesome year to this guys. So, what goals do I hold for 2012?

I’d like to finish Corrupting Truth and have it ready to publish by June 30.
I’ll probably be doing a Kickstarter campaign to help out along the way, so look for that information soon.
I plan on doing a lot more PR work for my Dark Quest authors, as well as offering my services freelance. (See my Slushpimp page for more details.)
I’d like to wrap up The Coyote and the Spider to submit to Viper soon.
Lastly, I’m hoping to get in with another of Chris Wolfe’s projects, called Project Breakthrough.

Who knows what else waits in 2012? Heck, I didn’t even know most of this year’s goodness was coming.

Happy New Year!



Exactly What Did I Accomplish In 2010?

February 22, 2011 will be the two-year anniversary of my completing my first novel.  I have yet to come even close to finishing my second.  That’s been weighing heavily on my mind, lately.  So, I thought I’d run down my various projects and wins from the past year.  Sure, it’s just a huge pat on the back, but what’re you gonna do, right?

  • Wrote a chapter on Grim Wars, Book One
  • Wrote a chapter or two on Corrupting Truth
  • Wrote Double Date for Incubator Press
  • Wrote Black Dawg for Viper Comic’s Cryptophobia
  • Wrote several columns for ProjectFanboy.com
  • Became an intern with Dark Quest Books and read numerous authors’ submissions
  • Submitted Forging Truth to Dark Quest and a handful of other places
  • Started a second entry to submit to Cryptophobia, entitled The Coyote and the Spider
  • Tweeted like a mug!  Made friends and networked, too
  • Read articles on my craft
  • Developed a handful of future stories

What goals do I have for 2011?  The short answer is, pretty much, more of the same.  My birthday is June 30.  That’s the perfect benchmark, as it falls right at the midpoint of the year.  So, by my birthday, I plan on pulling off the following:

  • Submit Forging Truth to no fewer than 25 agents/publishing houses (if it’s not snapped up by Dark Quest first)
  • Submit The Coyote and the Spider and one of my own to Viper Comics
  • Finish the first draft of Corrupting Truth

That’s probably enough, right?  That still gives me another half a year to kick some more tail.  Oh, and edit, edit, edit.

Happy 2011, everyone.

– Ray

Pre-New Year’s Resolution Resolutions

I always make these grand New Year’s resolutions that I never accomplish.  I figured, “What harm could it bring to have some Pre-New Year’s Resolution Resolutions this year.  I’m on vacation for nine days, leading into the new year, and I plan on attending to my writing as much as possible.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to jump start my writing engine a little and let it warm up prior to unleashing the full work load that is my writing resolutions for 2011.

My writing resolutions for the rest of this year (and the first couple of days in the next) are as follows:

1.  Write something, anything, dangit!

2. Work up my questions for Greg Rucka, since he’s so graciously accepted my request for a Professional Fanboy interview.

3. Work on (finish?) chapter two in Corrupting Truth.

4. Pull my list of agents from WritersMarket.com, since my account will lapse on the 30th.

5. Let Dark Quest know that I will be shopping my MS around to other agencies starting in January.

6. Post ads looking for an artist for Cryptophobia.

7. Come up with a rough summary for my next Cryptophobia submission.


Think I’ll get to even half of these by the time I go back?  Maybe if I didn’t have to do a lot of running around during the next week.  Until I see you again, have a little faith, and a Happy New Year.


The very resolute Ray

15 Days and Counting….

I’m going to be turning 30 in just 15 (too) short days.  Yep.  Only 2 weeks left to celebrate my twenties.  Only 2 weeks until I start mourning the loss of my youth.  June 30, party people, let’s all mark our calendars.

Around that time, I’m going to try to pull several updates together, each focusing on a different mid-life resolution I’m going to impose on myself.  Like the resolutions I attempt to follow starting the first day of every year, I expect these “life changers” to fall flat and fizzle.  Hopefully, by putting them all on here, I can at least pull off one or two.  Keep me honest, folks.  Like Weight Watchers.  Or, Don’t-Screw-Up Watchers.

– Ray

(29 and holding)