Forging Truth – First book in the Truth Saga; novel in submission process.  This is a fantasy series that I’ve been working on off an on over the years.  I fell in love with the characters, and even when I’m working on another project, I’m still thinking of them and longing to get back to them.

Corrupting Truth – Sequel to Forging Truth; Early, early stages of writing, lots of notes and ideas, first few pages written.

Grim Wars, Book 1 – Finishing up chapter 2; this is the reason I haven’t written more on my Truth saga.  I’ve got almost the entire book planned out, as well as some beats in the next book.

Family Time: A Time to Kill – My first short story in years.  Needs fleshed out and filled in, but its pretty solid.

Double Date (Previously: The Storm Before the Calm) – A story I’m pitching to a comic anthology to be published later this year.  This could lead to more zombie stories in the future.  Update: I can now officially say that Double Date will be released in the third volume of Incubator Press’ Food Chain anthology.  Check out my post history for more details.

Secret Audio Project – This one is just wishful thinking at this point, but I’m going to go discuss it with the writers of this series in the near future.  Will see.  Update 5/13/10: Well, it turns out this one was just wishful thinking after all.  However, I might be able to do a “fanfic” style prose piece to accompany their audio portions.  Could be fun.

Sleep Lab – This is a horror movie script that my buddy and I started.  Who knows if we’ll ever finish it, but it’s one I’d go to the movies and watch, you know?

Other Projects – I’ve got another couple of ideas that are big enough to some day turn into novellas or novels.  Right now, I try not to let them in when they start to knock.  I’ve got enough on my plate as it is.  For now.



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