A Not-Too-Desperate-Request

Hello, all.  Tonight I come to you for a favor.  I hope this doesn’t come across as desperate (it is, I just don’t want to sound that way).  Heh.  It’s been almost a year since I published Forging Truth, and I have received only one (1) review on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Forging-Truth-Raymond-F-Masters/dp/1468096214/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1353895795&sr=8-1&keywords=forging+truth

If you’ve honestly read it (no sympathy/buddy reviews) and like the sucker, even a little bit, I’m calling on you to do me a solid and throw up a small review.  This is the stuff that’ll make or break an aspiring author.

If you do not rate/review the book, that’s okay, too.  I’m stink at remembering to review my purchases.  Like for real.  If you feel like giving me an early Christmas gift, however, then knock yourself out.

Much obliged,


Memphis Comic and Fantasy Conventions, November 9-11

MCFC Poster

MCFC Poster

Guess where I’ll be this weekend. Yep! I’ll be there promoting Forging Truth and my other writing across 3 different panels. Here’s a link to where I posted on GeekDad about it: http://www.wired.com/geekdad/2012/11/join-the-fun-memphis-comic-and-fantasy-convention/.

  • Friday, 5:00pm-6:00pm — Getting the Gizmo/Science Right
  • Saturday, 12:00pm-1:00pm — Getting Visual: Writing Scenes for Comics, Books & Movies
  • Saturday, 2:00pm-3:00pm — Q&A with Raymond Masters

Kickstarter Upadate: A Thank You to My Wife

Just published this over at Kickstarter. There are only 4 days left, and I badly need your assistance. Go here to check out my campaign: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/669727244/fund-the-truth-saga-book-2-and-get-books-1-and-2/posts/232336


If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’d like to use today’s update as a way of saying thanks to my wife of THIRTEEN YEARS TODAY!!!


Sorry about that. Anyways…

We met in 1998 and married in ’99. I began writing in 2002. She had no idea what she was getting into. 🙂 Being married to a writer is probably not all it’s cracked up to be. At times, she probably feels neglected. The blank page is my mistress and sometimes, it’s hard to fight her tempting embrace. I lay next to my wife, tossing and turning, praying my ideas will remain fresh through the night. She pretends to sleep as I give in and slip out of bed to sneak in just a few last words for the day. There probably shouldn’t be a time I shut my door to her, yet I have to close out the world when I’m in an urgent frenzy.

Then, there’s the financial side of it. As an Indy author, I am not given an allowance from my publisher. No, it comes from my wife. To be honest, I probably have to cut through just as much red tape. And it’s for the best. My wife knows that should she loosen the purse strings, I would return it wrong side out and threadbare. Author’s copies aren’t cheap when you print-on-demand. My cover artist, though reasonably priced, still enjoys being paid. And advertising? Well…

But bless her… My wife is always there for me. Steadfast, she watches over me to make sure I’m spending wisely, saving my sales receipts to pay for the next batch of books, and not wasting away my “free time” on the Internet. It is because of her that I click and clack at the keyboard when I really just feel like putting in the next disc of whatever series we’re watching at the time.

After all, if I don’t crank out the next volume in The Truth Saga, she’s threatening physical violence. And that is the hard love for which I am most thankful.

Happy anniversary, baby! I’ll get you that book soon enough.

– Raymond

Three Years Ago, Today

Corrupting Truth Writing Goal

Man, has it really been that long?  I guess so.  It was three years ago, today, that I finished the first draft of <cite>Forging Truth</cite>.  That is one of the most euphoric days of my life.  In fact, I thought it would really be the start of something big.  I knew I had finally arrived.  I was a writer, something I had worked toward and dreamed about since high school.

But then, something happened: Nothing happened.

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Masters Masters Superheroes!

Website:  Amazon.com

Reviewed By:  Sean Hutchinson

Number of Stars:  5.0

Forging Truth

Forging Truth Cover

Forging Truth is excellent. Buy it. Read it.

That’s basically all you need to know, but I’ll elaborate further.

Forging Truth is really excellent.

Joking aside, you seriously need to pick up a copy of this book. Masters has written a great tale in and of itself, and also lain the groundwork for an even greater series.

Forging Truth hits a bunch of my favorite notes. Superheros? Check. Mysterious mysteries? Check. A healthy dose of humor? Another check. The real hook of the novel, what really grabbed my attention and made me love the book, is that even within these areas, Masters puts his own style and flourish on them.

Let’s look at superheros. I’m a comics fan. I like Marvel and DC, so I’ve read my fair share of stories involving the capes and tights crowd. With Kade Truth we get to see a fun power set with a pretty unique origin story. I’m excited to see if he’ll further develop some new abilities, or even just some creative uses of his current skills. You can tell that Masters is a fan of the genre as well, as he has a very strong command of the action scenes.

Onto the mystery angle. The main premise is pretty straightforward. Kade has amnesia and needs to find out who he is and what happened to him. The truth about Truth is doled out over the course of the story in carefully measured doses. One of the big twists hit me completely by surprise, and I’m eager to see if I can pick up any clues on a second reading.

Masters has a great ear for dialogue, and the back and forth banter between characters is pretty funny. There are some rather hilarious quips peppered throughout the book, but he also pens a few truly heartfelt scenes.

All in all, I can’t recommend this book enough. I really enjoyed it and I’ve got high expectations for where Masters takes the series next.

Promotional Screw Up: Positive or Negative?

Okay, wow.  When I screw up, I do it right!  Last night, I announced that starting today and going through February 16, Dangerous Hunts would be available for FREE.  Well, it is, so I did at least that much right.  Along with Dangerous Hunts, though, I some how managed to list Forging Truth for FREE, as well.  I’ve thought about doing so, but I’ve really been looking for the right time to do so.

So, this morning, I about had a heart attack when I checked to see the status of Dangerous Hunts, only to find out I had also “sold” 111 copies of Forging Truth in about 12 hours.  Well, needless to say, I thought maybe it was in relation to heavy promoting as of late.  At the worst, I figured on a glitch in the system.  Then, while laughing with my wife over the probable glitch, it donned on both of us at the same instant: What if I were the glitch?  What if I had listed both books at $0.00?

Sure enough.  That’s when I quickly clicked on end promotion for Forging Truth.  Of course, the other is still in effect until February 16.  That means if you’re still interested in picking your copy up, and you’re not one of the hundred or so to have already done so, you may go out and snag it for your Kindle right now.

On the upside, this has helped get my books out there.  In half a day’s time, a combined 250 copies have made it into the hands of potential Amazon and GoodReads reviewers, word-of-mouthers, and bloggers.  Hope they all enjoy my screw up to the max.

Here’s a snapshot of the numbers at the moment:

# Given Away of Forging Truth

US:  121

UK:  14

DE:  3

# Given Away of Dangerous Hunts

US:  84

UK:  27

DE:  0

Rank of Dangerous Hunts (In the Kindle Store, not just in FREE)

#20 on Amazon.co.uk

#70 on Amazon.com

Rank of Forging Truth (In the Kindle Store, not just in FREE)

#36 on Amazon.com

#21 on Amazon.co.uk (Note: I can’t get a rank to pull up now, for some reason, but about 3o minutes ago, it was right behind Dangerous Hunts as #21.)

Forging Truth – Now available on Kindle for $4.95

Forging Truth

I barely made it in for 2011, but I got it out there for your consumption.  Forging Truth is now available on the Kindle.  It’s also enrolled in the Kindle Select program where those of you who don’t mind spending the dough for Amazon Prime can borrow it for FREE.  So, while I appreciate you checking out my blog, you really need to be heading over to Amazon to pick up your copy this year.  (See what I did there?)

Don’t waste valuable time with the search field, just click on the link below.

Forging Truth Kindle Edition

Should you leave a review and/or spread the word, I’d be forever in your debt.