Pre-New Year’s Resolution Resolutions

I always make these grand New Year’s resolutions that I never accomplish.  I figured, “What harm could it bring to have some Pre-New Year’s Resolution Resolutions this year.  I’m on vacation for nine days, leading into the new year, and I plan on attending to my writing as much as possible.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to jump start my writing engine a little and let it warm up prior to unleashing the full work load that is my writing resolutions for 2011.

My writing resolutions for the rest of this year (and the first couple of days in the next) are as follows:

1.  Write something, anything, dangit!

2. Work up my questions for Greg Rucka, since he’s so graciously accepted my request for a Professional Fanboy interview.

3. Work on (finish?) chapter two in Corrupting Truth.

4. Pull my list of agents from, since my account will lapse on the 30th.

5. Let Dark Quest know that I will be shopping my MS around to other agencies starting in January.

6. Post ads looking for an artist for Cryptophobia.

7. Come up with a rough summary for my next Cryptophobia submission.


Think I’ll get to even half of these by the time I go back?  Maybe if I didn’t have to do a lot of running around during the next week.  Until I see you again, have a little faith, and a Happy New Year.


The very resolute Ray