Lucifer Haynes: Lucifer in a Small Town

Want to know what my NaNoWriMo novel is going to be about?

“Is a man more than his name? We’ve all been teased, from time to time, about our name. The fact remains, though, we weren’t the one’s to choose what we were to be called. Lucifer Haynes: Lucifer in a Small Town tells the story of one man, who has had to suffer the burden of his parents’ unfortunate naming decision. This twisted prank has cost him everything he’s ever held dear; and it’s kept him from finding lasting relationships, stable employment, and a place to call home. Recently, though, things have begun to slowly turn around for him. He’s upgraded to living out of an extended cab Ford, with room to stretch out; he’s befriended a kindred spirit with ample under-the-table work opportunities; and his love life isn’t quite as non-existent as it once was. He’s even started going to church. Luc Haynes is on the path to achieving all he’s longed for.

Until now, Luc has thought of his name as a sick gift from long-deceased parents. Unfortunately for him, he’s about to learn that, perhaps, things aren’t exactly as he’s believed. With several unnatural deaths pointing toward his involvement, will Luc be able to hold on to that which he has worked so hard? Or will one man’s namesake bring a small town to complete desolation?”


Forging Truth Cover

I cannot even begin to describe the wonder I feel each time I look at this amazing cover.  As anyone who has seen my self-made cover to my other story, Dangerous Hunts, can tell you, covers are pretty tough to do on your own.  In fact, I have had several people comment on the blandness of it.  Of course, no one actually comes right out and says it.  No, I take it back, a couple of professionals said it, after I solicited their honest opinions.

The thing that any one of my indy author pals will tell you, though, is that paying to have a professional-looking cover made can cost you.  I’ve seen pricing anywhere from $100 to $400+ for cover art.  For this cover, though, I didn’t even pay a fraction of the price.

So, from where did I commission it?  From the highly talented Staci Perkins at!.  Check out the link for her other covers.  She also has some pre-made covers up for grabs and she does some pretty sweet contests to boot.  I’ll be picking up some buttons and a banner closer to release.  Drop her a line to tell her just how awesome my cover turned out.

And it did turn out ninety-nine percent the way I’ve been picturing it in my noggin for all these years.  She even surprised me on a few things.  I sent her a description of how Lady Liberty looked, and she altered this beautiful pic right down to the destroyed wreck you see before you.  Amazing.

Okay, that’s enough for this update.  Stay tuned for more info on release dates, etc.

Oh, and publisher:  If you’d like a copy of the manuscript, you better hurry.  I plan on self-publishing it by year’s end.  No pressure.

– Ray

Keepin’ you covered.