4-Star Review for Forging Truth

Website: Goodreads

Reviewed by: Cody Ray

Number of stars: 4.0

Forging Truth

Forging Truth Cover

This book was great! I was hooked from the end of Chapter 2. Although I expected a typical fantasy/sci-fi piece, it ended up being quite a mystery as well, from recovering memories to solving crimes against humanity. The book twisted and turned til the end, feeding you just enough information/back-story to keep you intrigued but not so much that the next pages were obvious and you’re bored.

Situated in present-day America, the novel was centered around subjects normally reserved for other contexts. This juxtaposition make for an interesting read. It had a bit of a harry-potter feel with a “light” approach to magic and easy language, but was a bit darker in nature. It was action-packed til the very end, and left me hanging for m[or]e! Can’t wait to read the second book!