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Dangerous Hunts – A Zombie Fathers Day Tale by Raymond Masters (via …. i can stay)

My first review (aside from the awesome one Sean did up on Amazon). Awesome. Very complimentary, Emmet. Thanks!

– Ray

Dangerous Hunts – A Zombie Fathers Day Tale by Raymond Masters "So, do you think , kiddo?" Though, judging by his son's disgusted expression, Matthew probably already knew the answer. Mockingly, Robby answered, "If it moves, you can kill it." "Why the sarcasm, I thought you got off on stuff like this." "Um, just because you're now married to my mom, doesn't mean you know me. You haven't even known me long enough to know me." Originally posted over at Tastes Like Comics. Robby and his new father Matthew have … Read More

via …. i can stay

Summer Reading Goals

This summer, I’m going to be doing a lot of reading.  That in and of itself isn’t anything new.  But this year is apt to be a little different.  While, normally, my focus is on each month’s comics haul, this year, I have the added responsibility of slushpile reading for Dark Quest Books.  Granted, I began reading for them a year ago this month (Whoa! A whole year!), but this year I have the advantage of a portable reading device.  For an early birthday gift, I picked up an internet tablet (Coby Kyros, if you must know).  I cashed in some points from my credit cart, and so far, I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve already read parts of two different books on it for DQB.

So, if you consider those “assigned readings,” then we can set them to the side and look at my “elective reading list.”

I’m in the middle of the Star Trek: Typhon Pact series.  Plus, I have a handful of various Trek books I plan on reading should I finish those.

I just snagged a advance review copy of Dead 2 that I’ll be checking out from May December Publication.  Look for a review up here sometime this summer.

Plus, my buddy Jason Letts has some very interesting books that I’ve been meaning to check out for a long, long time.

How about you?  Care to share your summer lists?

– Ray

Geeky Father’s Day 2011

My son couldn’t wait until I got up this morning, so he could give me the book he’s been working on with his mom.  It was really cute, full of everything from drawings of the two of us to a foam butterfly he pieced together.  He captured his foot and hand prints on the last couple of pages.  With a little assistance, he was even able to write “I love you,” and finish it with a million hearts.  I told him it was my favorite Father’s Day gift ever.

Then, my wife went on to her family, and us guys began our geeky day of bonding.

I started off by putting on some Teen Titans: Go! for him, while I showered and got ready to go over to my grandparent’s house.  Then, once I got little man ready, it was time to head out.

On the way, we listened to my audiobook of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

We had a wonderful meal, though not homemade.  Lots of chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy were consumed by all.  While we were there, my son let me visit while he squirreled away with his aunt’s phone and his good friends Tom the Talking Cat, a talking T-Rex, and Santa Clause.  Hey, remember when kids used to play with 3-D toys?

We stayed over there until 2:30-ish, and headed home, listening to the audiobook as we went.

Once home, he watched a little more Teen Titans while I unwound for a spell.  On a whim, I asked him if he’d like to go to the park next.  Silly question.  This time, I asked him to tell me stories, rather than listen to the audiobook.  I got one about sea serpents, another about super-heroes, and one about robots.  That’s my boy!  At the park, we played on every square inch.  There was a large party going on in one corner, so we actually skipped that end, I guess.  But we played hide and go seek, swung on the swings, did the monkey bars, and all of the random other fun park-type stuff.  35 minutes later, the heat had gotten to us, so we split for some Happy Meal time.

He got some Pokemon thing at the Golden Arches, and was all ecstatic about it, so that was good.  We ate in, which we have hardly ever done alone, and to his credit, he acted really well.  Calm even.  What a fantastic Father’s Day gift that was.  Heh.

On the ride back to the house, we alternated between listening to Harry Potter and the “Dad, watch this” game.  You know the one, right?  It’s the one where each new “Dad, watch this” is followed with a pose or position a half an inch removed from the previous one.

By the time we made it home, I was pretty worn out, so I put on more Titans and rested for a bit.  When his episode had gone off, I surprised him with some Justice League Heroes from the original X-Box.  I love that game, but I haven’t played it since he was too young to really get the concepts.  He loved it, too.

Then, mom came home; we watched an episode of Medium; the kiddo watched Lelo and Stitch for the 3,000th time; and now, it’s bed time.

I have to get up early and start what’ll prove to be a horrible next two weeks.  That said, however, at least I got to spend a wonderful Father’s Day with my family.

Happy Father’s Day, all.

– Ray

Cool Sounding Book and Giveaway

So, check out the link above for complete details.

That said, though, here’s kinda a rundown.  As a way of saying, thanks for Amazon’s practically doubling the “sales” on The Black God’s War (By offering it for free in the US and UK), is giving away e-readers and donating $100 to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Of course, the requisite retweets, likes, posts, etc. are to be expected, hence this post.  That said, however, this truly is a cool way to pick up an interesting sounding novella.

– Ray


We’re holding a hospital-wide contest to save $10,000+ over the next year. It’s only open to employees, so I got nothing but love for the person(s) who help me out with this. Like, literally.

Ok, so I could seriously come up with something nice to send to you. Granted, not super-duper nice, but I’ve got a few thing in mind.

By February 28th, I have to have my idea(s) in to save $10,000 or more over the course of the next 6-12 months. It has to be a new idea for our hospital. I’m googling it, twittering it, and shouting it to the rooftops.


Do I want to save money and keep costs down to better serve the employees and community at large? Abolutely, positively.

Do I want to win a 40″ TV or an IPad?

Yes. Yes, I do.

Thanks everyone!

– Ray


This was originally posted on Halloween day of last year, but since has been removed for personal reasons.  Nevertheless, it remains a highlight, as Tom is both a good friend and a highly gifted creator.  Enjoy the interview, and for the sake of Pete, go and enjoy the comics.



Toy Boy: Strangers With Candy is now available for order via Haven Distributors! Your local comic shop can use the TOYBSPI002 book code to order.

Toy Boy is back just in time to celebrate Halloween! But what’s this? Toy Boy hates Halloween! Find out why as our hero battles the forces of the evil confectioner Sugar Daddy in this fun filled all ages treat! Includes an Honor Brigade back up story and a special Halloween pin up by Paris Cullins.

Professional Fanboy: First of all, let me say thanks for taking some time away from making awesome comics to answer some questions for the fans.  The number one thing I’m wondering is what you’re going as for Halloween.  But, I’ll let that stay a secret, and we’ll go ahead and dive straight into the questions.

Tell us a little bit about your bad self, Tom.

Tom Stillwell: Howdy. I’m Tom Stillwell. I live in the great city of Chicago with my wonderful wife and amazing daughter Miranda. I like long walks on the beach and the smell of napalm in the morning.

PF: What’s Tom Stillwell’s pull list look like?

TS: Well, my pull list is getting shorter these days as I read more books digitally on my iPad. I’m pretty varied in my reading…everything from DC’s recent World War II books to Walking Dead to Stuff of Legend.  Avengers Academy has been good. I’ve also been digging Magnus, Robot Fighter from Dark Horse a lot. Gotta throw some love at Gail Simone for Birds of Prey and Secret Six.

PF: If I were to lift the lid on your long boxes, what books would I find?  Which ones are a little more loved than others?

TS: I don’t actually have a whole lot of long boxes anymore. I’ve never really collected comics as most people do. The story is why I collect comics. The physical books don’t hold much value to me once I’ve read the story. Recently I purged and gave away or sold most of my books. I’m glad that those books are now available to other people to read and hopefully pass on as well.

But I did keep some of special value. The entire run of Planetary has a fond place in my heart as does Astro City. I still have many of the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans books.

PF: What’s your biggest fanboy moment?

TS: I spoke with Kurt Busiek on the phone once. Kurt called me at work to discuss a story he was writing for a charity anthology I am editing. I am a huge Astro City fan. It was my lunch hour but I was way too nervous to eat that day.

PF: Spinner Rack only releases All Ages titles?  What was your reasoning behind this?

TS: Yep, all ages comics. Not kiddie books but book everyone can enjoy.

My reason is simple: Kids love comics and mainstream comic book publishers don’t consider young readers an important demographic. I do.

More importantly, comics are an important tool in getting kids to read. My wife teaches second grade and the kids are just devouring the spinner rack of books she keeps in her classroom. She has kids that are weak readers and don’t like to read grabbing for books of that rack.

Kids want comics, kids need comics. I’m going to make sure they have good ones.

PF: In Spinner Rack’s short existence, you’ve already published . . . 8 comics and a trade, right?  They’ve all featured Honor Brigade or Toy Boy.  These are really fun, over-the-top characters.  Before we get to Toy Boy and his adventures, what can you tell Professional Fanboy’s readers about his cohorts?

TS: Yes, eight books and a trade.

The Honor Brigade is an interesting bunch.

The de facto leader, Lightning Rod while very powerful and confident on the surface, is wracked with insecurity. Lightning Rod likes to help people but he’s worried he won’t measure up to the world’s expectations.

Slam, invulnerable and super strong Slam, Slam is afraid. Slam’s body is literally becoming too strong and tough. He can’t control his strength or feel anything. That’s great when fighting bad guys. Not so great when you’re a single father with a young son.

Mystery Girl is a mystery even to herself. She has no memory of her past and no idea how her powers work. Mystery Girl can mimic the powers of anyone she comes in contact with but she has no control of them. She might be super fast one minute and then reading minds the next.

Deadeye is a composite being created by fusing the spirit of a dead cop with that of a young reporter. This new being was created to do Heaven’s bidding on Earth. Holy justice courtesy of ghostly guns.

SUIT was a scientist that left the Earth behind because he wanted nothing to do with humanity but now would do anything to reclaim his own. He has become one with the power armor he created, now not either fully man or machine.

PF: Your comics are all 32 pages without any ads, yet the cover price is still $2.99.  Do you look for this to stay in place for the long haul?  Could you, maybe, mention this philosophy to the rest of the comic book industry?

TS: I will do everything I can to make my books affordable for the readers. I want to give the most bang for the buck.

I’m not really sure why mainstream comics cost as much as they do. Printing costs next to nothing for them. Yes, they have to pay creative talent and cover production. Shouldn’t ad revenue cover that? Comics are filled with ads! Between trade and now digital revenue publishers should be able to decrease prices even further.

But what do I know? I don’t have a giant corporation pulling my strings.

PF: I was checking out the What Happens In Vegas YouTube video, and there’s a couple of high praises from two of my all-time favorite comic creators, Gail Simone and Mark Waid.  Do you just sit and re-read those quotes over and over, or is it enough to know that you’ve struck the right chord with Spinner Rack’s core character?

TS: It makes me very happy to know that people I respect a great deal like my work. I know that there is room for me to grow as a writer but with their approval I feel like I’m on the right track.

PF: Marvel has What If?  DC has Elseworlds.  If you could put Toy Boy into one of these imaginary tales, who would he interact with from the “Big Two” and how would that go down?

TS: I’d really like to do a story with Toy Boy facing off against the Joker, maybe over the affections of a Ms. Harley Quinn. Throw in some Batman and Plastic Man. I think that would be a pretty fun book.
Over at Marvel I’d like to do a Toy Boy/Ant-Man tale. Not Henry Pym…Eric O’Grady. Both O’Grady and Toy Boy are similar characters. Both are morally flexible but still trying to make good as heroes despite their pasts. Pit them against Arcade perhaps?

PF: I’d love to see Toy Boy with Plastic Man, but I’m more interested to see Toy Boy’s attempt at replacing Harley’s Puddin’.

Ok, Future projects?  Can you talk about any upcoming HB or TB books you might have planned?  Anything non-HB or non-TB to be on the lookout for?

TS: I’m working on a new Honor Brigade mini-series now for next year that will essentially features every character in the Spinner Rack Universe. As a reader I love to discover new characters and if that floats your boat too, this is the book for you.

Aliens invade Earth and every hero on the planet answers the call, routing the invaders. Unfortunately for the Honor Brigade things are not what they seem.

I’m working on some non Spinner Rack stuff that I’ll be pitching to other publishers soon so keep your fingers crossed.

PF: I’ve read all of your books, and I just have to say that the art blows me away.  What’s it like getting the next Jethro Morales or Bradley Bowers art page in your inbox?

TS: Getting new pages from an artist is always a big thrill for me. As a writer it is pretty cool to see your words become a page of sequential art. Working with Brad and Jethro has been a great pleasure.

PF: What about those Tim Seeley covers?  Out of this world.

TS: Tim is a good friend and great artist. The cover for Strangers With Candy was actually Tim’s birthday present to me.

PF: Oh, how cool.

TS: I’ve seen advance pages from Tim’s new Ant-Man/Giant Man mini-series coming from Marvel soon and they are amazing! Go get it!

PF: One of the things I’ve put forth in an earlier column was I believe every fan has at one time or another picked up a comic, and thought, “Wow.  I’d love to do something like this.”  Can you speak realistically about the ups and downs to pulling something like this together?

TS: Downs first. Self publishing comics is a massive resource sink. Making comics for me is a second job.

I script and edit. I handle marketing, sales and all the accounting. I do all the promotion. I have to pay a team of freelancers out of pocket. There is a lot involved.

Hopefully one day I can just write comics full time without having to do the publishing part of it.

Now the ups. I’ve developed some great friendships over the years with other pros and with readers. There’s nothing I love more than a good convention.

People pay me to use my imagination. That’s the greatest job ever.

PF: Thanks for the candor, Tom.  Now, Final Question Time: Candy Corn – love it, or reeaaaallllllyyyy love it?

TS: Love it. Now gimme a popcorn ball…lurve it. Really lurve it!!!

Thanks-a-million, Tom for the great interview and sharing a little about your Toy Boy Halloween special.  Hopefully, I can hit you up later on for an update.  Take care!

If you’d like to follow the further adventures of Tom Stillwell and his gang of miscreants, you can check out the following links: (Learn more about the Spinnerverse, including where to purchase your soon-to-be favorite comics.) (Here, you can even join the Toy Boy fan club.)

See you all next week where I’ll discuss . . . well, more fanboy stuff!

Happy Halloween!