Kickstarter Update #3: When Angels Meet Metahumans

I’ve explained The Truth Saga at different times as “When Angels Meet Metahumans.”  Stylistically, the first book, Forging Truth, does a good job of introducing that feel.  But, that book was primarily about Kade Truth and what’s going on with him.  Corrupting Truth goes quite a bit deeper into the metahuman side of things.

There is an underground world of metas operating, well, underground.  The Messiah Complex is a loose collection of super-powered individuals, in search of the next messiah.  If they cannot locate him amongst their “recruits,” then they are determined to craft their own.

How does Kade factor in with this group?  Willingly, at first, but then as things start to heat up, well … Curiosity soon turns to horror; and Kade is put to the ultimate test.


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