Three Years Ago, Today

Corrupting Truth Writing Goal

Man, has it really been that long?  I guess so.  It was three years ago, today, that I finished the first draft of <cite>Forging Truth</cite>.  That is one of the most euphoric days of my life.  In fact, I thought it would really be the start of something big.  I knew I had finally arrived.  I was a writer, something I had worked toward and dreamed about since high school.

But then, something happened: Nothing happened.

If you’ve read my blog over the years – Yes, I’m talking to you, two – then you know I go through periods where I get on a role with writing.  I will knock out a story, a comic, or a chapter.  And then, I rest on my laurels.  But I always have the best of intentions on picking right back up.  I always let myself get distracted, though.  Lately, I’ve had way too many distractions for my own good.  As a result, I’m not really getting anything accomplished for myself.  I have so many irons in the fire that by the time I get any “free” time, I’m too tired and/or stressed to write.

Let’s see, I have my day job for 40/hrs. per week, which is stressful as all get-out.  Then, I have a side job that I work a couple of days a month on for, maybe, 10 more hours.  Plus, I do PR work for Dark Quest Books for another 10 hours per month.  The last one is actually pretty enjoyable.  It all adds up, though.  Then, you have GeekDad, which I do for free.  And since the release of Forging Truth, I’ve been spending something like 1,000 hours per week promoting it. I have several really big things planned for promotions, but I don’t have the time I need to devote to that task.

Now, ask me about my writing goals.

You can see the goal-keeper-upper at the top of the page. (Man, I have to think of a better name for that graphic.) I plan on taking that meter very seriously over the next few months. I’m looking for you guys to help hold me accountable, as well. Don’t be jerks about it, or I’ll be too busy crying to type. But, maybe together, we’ll help kick my butt back into gear.

I’m hoping this works, because, otherwise, I’m going to have to start cutting back on some of my other obligations. I sure can’t add more to my plate, or my writing and my family will suffer for it. That only leaves better time management, right?

Gotta go, this has already taken me too long to type up.



3 responses to “Three Years Ago, Today

    • Thanks for the encouraging words. 🙂 I’m trying to. I want to. I feel like if I have to cut something that I’m failing. But I’m going to reach the tipping point soon. Of course, I’d rather keep the writing thing going, but I don’t want to have to give up on the rest.

      As for family, they’re very important to me and both my son and my wife are understanding. That said, though, I do keep thinking how much of the time I spend on all of this other could be spent with them.

      This will be a deciding year, I just have a feeling.

      – Raymond

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