Promotional Screw Up: Positive or Negative?

Okay, wow.  When I screw up, I do it right!  Last night, I announced that starting today and going through February 16, Dangerous Hunts would be available for FREE.  Well, it is, so I did at least that much right.  Along with Dangerous Hunts, though, I some how managed to list Forging Truth for FREE, as well.  I’ve thought about doing so, but I’ve really been looking for the right time to do so.

So, this morning, I about had a heart attack when I checked to see the status of Dangerous Hunts, only to find out I had also “sold” 111 copies of Forging Truth in about 12 hours.  Well, needless to say, I thought maybe it was in relation to heavy promoting as of late.  At the worst, I figured on a glitch in the system.  Then, while laughing with my wife over the probable glitch, it donned on both of us at the same instant: What if I were the glitch?  What if I had listed both books at $0.00?

Sure enough.  That’s when I quickly clicked on end promotion for Forging Truth.  Of course, the other is still in effect until February 16.  That means if you’re still interested in picking your copy up, and you’re not one of the hundred or so to have already done so, you may go out and snag it for your Kindle right now.

On the upside, this has helped get my books out there.  In half a day’s time, a combined 250 copies have made it into the hands of potential Amazon and GoodReads reviewers, word-of-mouthers, and bloggers.  Hope they all enjoy my screw up to the max.

Here’s a snapshot of the numbers at the moment:

# Given Away of Forging Truth

US:  121

UK:  14

DE:  3

# Given Away of Dangerous Hunts

US:  84

UK:  27

DE:  0

Rank of Dangerous Hunts (In the Kindle Store, not just in FREE)

#20 on

#70 on

Rank of Forging Truth (In the Kindle Store, not just in FREE)

#36 on

#21 on (Note: I can’t get a rank to pull up now, for some reason, but about 3o minutes ago, it was right behind Dangerous Hunts as #21.)


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