Finally Published! – The Truth Is Out There!

Forging Truth Full Cover

Liberty is gone, but Truth remains


 Wow, this has certainly been a long time coming. I started writing longhand in August 2002. I switched to laptop and finished the first draft in February 2009. Between those dates, I did a lot of slacking off on my story. I ignored it, pushed it aside, filed it away. But, it was never far from my thoughts. In the shower, in the bed, in the car … It always found me, sooner or later. In fact, the first time through, I only wrote about 30 handwritten pages, plus another 5, or so, of notes. I picked it up a few times and jotted down something of interest to me. A spark or something shiny in the sand. But nothing moved my story along.

Then, I had a couple of revelations. The first was I had started my story in the past and was going to lead up to the action-packed present. Too slow. So, I made the scenes I originally wrote take place much later in the book, as a key flashback for Kade. I had to revise it, to give it an organic feel, but not much. It fit surprisingly well in that section of the tale. The second thing was to introduce a very dynamic character named Caduceus. The way Kade and Ducie play from one another is pure magic, in my unbiased opinion. The problem was I sometimes had a hard time putting down the character to focus on Kade.

These characters, along with Stephen, Jessie, Mao, Van Parson, and yes, even the Dark Monk are really what the story is about. Sure, there’s action and magic floating throughout, but I am really into character writing. It also happens to be my favorite reading. Go figure.

Before I rollout and let you begin the first novel in the Truth Saga, I wanted to say thank you. It means the world to me that you’ve placed your faith into this brand spanking new author. Shoot, I still have that new author smell. If you read this and like it, awesome. Please, don’t stop there. Swing by Amazon, Smashwords, Goodreads, or anywhere you see Forging Truth and fire off a quick review to let others know to pick it up. An indie author will die without fan reviews. If, however, you don’t care for it, maybe I’ll catch you on down the line.

Raymond F. Masters

December 15, 2011


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