Geeky Father’s Day 2011

My son couldn’t wait until I got up this morning, so he could give me the book he’s been working on with his mom.  It was really cute, full of everything from drawings of the two of us to a foam butterfly he pieced together.  He captured his foot and hand prints on the last couple of pages.  With a little assistance, he was even able to write “I love you,” and finish it with a million hearts.  I told him it was my favorite Father’s Day gift ever.

Then, my wife went on to her family, and us guys began our geeky day of bonding.

I started off by putting on some Teen Titans: Go! for him, while I showered and got ready to go over to my grandparent’s house.  Then, once I got little man ready, it was time to head out.

On the way, we listened to my audiobook of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

We had a wonderful meal, though not homemade.  Lots of chicken strips, mashed potatoes and gravy were consumed by all.  While we were there, my son let me visit while he squirreled away with his aunt’s phone and his good friends Tom the Talking Cat, a talking T-Rex, and Santa Clause.  Hey, remember when kids used to play with 3-D toys?

We stayed over there until 2:30-ish, and headed home, listening to the audiobook as we went.

Once home, he watched a little more Teen Titans while I unwound for a spell.  On a whim, I asked him if he’d like to go to the park next.  Silly question.  This time, I asked him to tell me stories, rather than listen to the audiobook.  I got one about sea serpents, another about super-heroes, and one about robots.  That’s my boy!  At the park, we played on every square inch.  There was a large party going on in one corner, so we actually skipped that end, I guess.  But we played hide and go seek, swung on the swings, did the monkey bars, and all of the random other fun park-type stuff.  35 minutes later, the heat had gotten to us, so we split for some Happy Meal time.

He got some Pokemon thing at the Golden Arches, and was all ecstatic about it, so that was good.  We ate in, which we have hardly ever done alone, and to his credit, he acted really well.  Calm even.  What a fantastic Father’s Day gift that was.  Heh.

On the ride back to the house, we alternated between listening to Harry Potter and the “Dad, watch this” game.  You know the one, right?  It’s the one where each new “Dad, watch this” is followed with a pose or position a half an inch removed from the previous one.

By the time we made it home, I was pretty worn out, so I put on more Titans and rested for a bit.  When his episode had gone off, I surprised him with some Justice League Heroes from the original X-Box.  I love that game, but I haven’t played it since he was too young to really get the concepts.  He loved it, too.

Then, mom came home; we watched an episode of Medium; the kiddo watched Lelo and Stitch for the 3,000th time; and now, it’s bed time.

I have to get up early and start what’ll prove to be a horrible next two weeks.  That said, however, at least I got to spend a wonderful Father’s Day with my family.

Happy Father’s Day, all.

– Ray


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