This was my first foray into my new comic book column, so be kind.  🙂  It was originally published here on September 25, 2010.


What’s up, fanboys and fangirlies!?

Welcome, welcome, welcome.  I know you’re probably asking yourselves, “What’s a Professional Fanboy?”  Ok, I’m not sure of that, really.  I’ll just pretend that’s what you’re asking yourselves so I can say this: You are.  It’s as simple as that.  Do you love comics?  Bleed comics?  Hunger for comics?  Um . . . love comics?

If so, you’re at the right spot.  And, you’re in good company.  I’m a comic nut, too.  I’ve been reading them for eighteen years.  I’ve read thousands and own thousands.  Ok, and let me address you lapsed fanboys who no longer read your books, though you’re still pulling them.  I don’t know what you’re waiting for; dig in!  We’ll forgive your lapse.  Come.  Join us.

So, wanna know a little about me?  Again, I’m going to pretend that you said ‘yes.’  I am a budding writer, avid comic fan, husband, and a father – not in that order, of course.  While I’m an aspiring writer, I am a Professional Fanboy.  (Get the feeling I’m trying to coin a catch phrase?)

Currently, I have several irons in the fire. I just landed this sweet column with the wonderful people at Project Fanboy, I’m a slushpile reader for Dark Quest Books, I have an 8-page zombie comic, published by Incubator Press, coming out in the next months. Plus, I’m always coming up with new ideas and trying to find anyone skewed enough to publish my novel(s) and comic script(s).

From what I’ve read around PF’s forums, I believe I’m in good company there, as well.

So, the nuts and bolts – What’s this column going to be about?

Um . . . stuff?  Yeah.  Fanboy stuff.

I’m going to be tackling some common ground for comic based columns: interviews, conventions (hopefully), getting published, etc.  I’m just going to do it a little differently.  I’m aiming it all towards the fan side.  Pros are still fans.  If they’re not, well . . . that’s just ridiculous.  So, I’ll be probing to find out what makes their inner fan squee about their current projects.  Also, I’ve never known anyone who, after picking up a comic, didn’t say, “Man, I wish I could do one of these.”  Well, why don’t I find out everything I can to help make that a reality and pass it straight to you guys?  I’ll be discussing things like, anthologies, and DiY books/ebooks.

*  *  *

Here’s your obligation to me, though — If you’re going to follow this bi-weekly column, then I need you to do three highly important things:

#1 Toss me some feedback, ideas for future columns, personal fanboy stories, etc.  Post replies or hit me up on Twitter @Azrael52.

#2 Spread the love.  Tell everyone about this wonderful new column and/or cult (We’ll have to see where we end up when the smoke clears.  Oh, and none of that Koolaid B.S, m’kay?)

#3 Here’s the most important task of all: Keep me in line.  It’s not always going to be easy, but it’s for my own good, really.

OK, see you in two weeks (and every two weeks thereafter)!

And, in the meantime, if you still haven’t got enough of me, feel free to check out my About Me page or visit my blog.

– Ray


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