Happy Adoption Day!

We adopted our son two years ago today.  While we might butt heads a lot, it’s definitely one of the top moments of my life.  I love the little bugger with all of my heart.  He’s exactly like me (hence, the butting of the heads I mentioned) and exactly like my wife (hence the loving with all of my heart).

We celebrated with Larry’s Pizza, where if you can imagine it, they’ve got it on a Pizza crust.  They’ve got these little games you can get tickets to cash in on stuff.  He got, like, 50 from a broken machine.  We also got him Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Too cool.

On a side note of other good news, I’m getting a promotion w/ a $2/hr. raise;  I just got back from an awesome trip to Alaska; and I wrote a few pages on my work-in-progress.

Hopeful and Happy,



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