Catching Up

[Author’s Note: I thought I’d lost this for good.  Thank you, Autosave!]

Wow.  I haven’t posted in almost a month.  And what a month it’s been.  I know, I know I’m not supposed to discuss my personal life here.  This is supposed to be my author blog, but this month hasn’t been the typical one for me.  So “I’m gonna dish.”

As I mentioned, my wife and son have been in Alaska for about 2 weeks, now.  I still have another week before I join them.  This is the longest I’ve ever been away from either of them.  While I’m getting by – and even having a little fun ME time – I’m missing the fire out of them.  To get the most out of my bachelorhood, I made a list of all kinds of awesome things I was going to accomplish now that I’m living for no one but me.

Yeah, that hasn’t been working out for me.  For example, I had planned on writing at least 4 blogs.  This is the first one.  Think I’ll make it?  I don’t.  And that’s ok, but still…

The hospital I work at for a Day Job was purchased on August 1.  I was one of the lucky ones who got to keep his job.  In fact, it’s looking like it might be a really good thing for me in both the short and long run.  However, I lost a lot of coworkers.  Family, really.  Plus, even though I have a job, I still feel like my performance is being watched.  Arrgh!  I also went from seeing one of my best friends there almost daily to only seeing him for lunch every couple of weeks.  He quit right before the buy-out to take a better job.  Again, that’s ok, but still…

Slush Reading – Getting to read for Dark Quest Book was a surprise opportunity.  It’s one that I take very seriously.  Not to mention, I really enjoy it.  So, it pains me to admit that I’ve fallen behind on my reading.  Before my wife and son left me (heh, that sounds depressing if you just come right out and say it), I spent every second I could with them.  As a result, I broke the momentum I had gained on my slush reading.  I’m just now really getting caught back up.

So far, though, there’s been some pretty great things coming down the pike.  I’ve requested one full, am requesting another, and getting ready to tackle a Huge Maybe really soon.  I’ll keep you all in the loop.

Helping Dad – The entire first week of my bachelorhood, if I wasn’t at work, I was at my parents house.  I’ve been helping my dad first tear down, and now add on rooms.  He’s turning a rundown, sreened-in porch into a dining room with a vaulted ceiling; he’s turning a bathroom into a long storage closet.  I’ve loved working with him, and I’ve learned a lot.  I’ll probably be back at it Saturday and Sunday, helping him put in almost a whole wall of windows.

That’s it.  I’m finished catching you up on all of the goings on in my life.  That’s personal, business, and all points in-between.

Ok, got to go actually read some slush.

– Ray


3 responses to “Catching Up

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  2. Heh. I have a long weekend coming up sans wife/kids and I have ZERO items on my todo list. 🙂

    So you’re reading a lot of other people’s stuff. Have you noticed things you like/dislike that you’ll keep in mind for your writing?


  3. I have noticed a few things. Mostly, it’s just little mistakes. I see some repetition of words, some usage issues, etc. Sometimes, a writer puts in a lot of extra, nonessential details. Of course, I see professional writers doing the same thing, so . . . take that with a grain of salt.

    – Ray

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