Mid-Life Resolutions, Part 1

The clock is ticking, and it’s winding down on my twenties.


As the song says, “In my next 30 years,” I’m going to do all sorts of crap.  Ok, so that’s paraphrased – but only a little.  The following is an out-of-ordered attempt at listing some of the major improvements I plan on making in my life.

  • Write Write Write – The majority of my goals hinge upon this one.  It’s right up there at the top.  I have to write.  I have so many stories bouncing around in my head, yet I’m so undisciplined.  It’s like going a long time without checking your email.  When you finally get around to opening that monster up, you get trampled by all the messages.  That’s all going on inside my head at the moment.  Scary, I know.
  • Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite – It is way too easy to just jump in and start on the next story.  It’s that much harder to take the hatchet to a baby (in this case, a metaphor, I assure you).  It has to be done, so do it, man!
  • Submit, Submit, Submit – I keep putting off sending in my query letters.  Why?  Do I honestly think the Query Gnome is going to pop up and hand me a publishing contract?  Well, I admit, sometimes this crosses my mind; but then I take my meds and rethink the whole thing.  I will absolutely have to amp up the submission stream.

Well, that’s it for round one, but that’s already some biggies.

See you in a few.

– Ray


2 responses to “Mid-Life Resolutions, Part 1

  1. Not sure how I missed this post the first time!

    I’m right there with you on the “Submit” line. I have submitted the odd short story or two (even framed my first rejection letter); however, it’s been ages since I’ve put myself 100% into a submission.

    I did this thing where I submitted some half-assed thing and I think it was a subconscious/lizardbrain defense mechanism so I could say “I didn’t really try my hardest, so it’s no big deal if I don’t get it…” Weak. Sauce.


  2. Absolutely. It’s a valid issue. We set ourselves up for failure right out of the starting gate if we’re not careful.

    Re: Submissions: It might or might not be about who you know, but you sure won’t ever meet them if you don’t try.

    Re: Writing: It might or might not be about practice makes perfect, but you sure won’t ever be perfect if you don’t keep at it.

    – Ray

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