Thank You Thursday: David Rozansky

Thank You Thursday is a tradition that I’m trying to adopt.  It’s a wonderful practice that I first learned of through Veronica Giguere.  This is my second one, so hopefully repetition makes it stick.

Today, I’m thanking David Rozansky from Flying Pen Press.

Though I try to hide the fact I’m a novice at this whole writing schtick, I secretly know that I fail miserably sometimes.  I’ve encountered some pretty nasty people in my quest for publishing guidance, but the majority have been tolerant, even kind. 

David goes beyond being kind.  The man goes out of his way to take questions on both fun topics, and what I refer to as “working” topics.  Periodically, he’ll throw out a tweet, stating he’ll be fielding questions on everything from publishing to marketing. 

Along with being the guru behind Flying Pen Press, David hosts a Friday twitchat #scifichat on Twitter.  It’s truly awesome.  You cannot leave one of these chats without feeling like you’re on fire.  Each week, there’s a different author dishing on a different subject from science fiction.  Last time, we even discussed comics and graphic novels.  Now, how great is that?

If you’re on Twitter, follow him.  If you’re interested in a unique and genuine publishing experience, check out Flying Pen Press.  Need something to read?  Check out there bookstore.  Either way, be sure to check out David Rozansky, whose advice is indespensible.

Thank you,

– Ray


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