Thank You Thursday: Corrina Lawson

I first met Corrina on the You’ll All Be Sorry forum over at  She was a heartfelt presence there – so much so that she was later elevated to Mod.  She’s insightful and kind.

When I finally joined the multitude on Twitter, the first thing I did was followed as many of my friends from YABS as I could.  Twitter’s conversational manner added to our friendship.  In fact, other than seeing her post on YABS, we hadn’t had too much direct contact over the years prior. 

Corrina is a fellow writer (check out my friends page for her blog and more on Corrina).  As I posted on my struggles and accomplishments on YABS and Twitter, she has been right there to help pump me up.  I see her doing this with other YABSers and fledgling writers without hesitation.

One day, while feeling particularly underappreciated as a writer, I sent Corrina a DM, asking if she would mind reading over my query letter.  She said she would, and within weeks, she had some suggestions.  After that, she asked that I send her my first three chapters. 

I wasn’t expecting much with her busy schedule (publishing and a houseful of kids), so I was thoroughly surprised and ecstatic when I again received an email with suggestions and critiquing that was both encouraging and hardcore at the same time.

I am currently in the process of thinking through these suggestions and while it’s pretty daunting, it’s also very much rewarding to know that others see the merits in my work, the potential for a polished and organized novel in my manuscript.

So, thank you, Corrina.  Hope I can return the favor someday.

– Ray


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