15 Days and Counting….

I’m going to be turning 30 in just 15 (too) short days.  Yep.  Only 2 weeks left to celebrate my twenties.  Only 2 weeks until I start mourning the loss of my youth.  June 30, party people, let’s all mark our calendars.

Around that time, I’m going to try to pull several updates together, each focusing on a different mid-life resolution I’m going to impose on myself.  Like the resolutions I attempt to follow starting the first day of every year, I expect these “life changers” to fall flat and fizzle.  Hopefully, by putting them all on here, I can at least pull off one or two.  Keep me honest, folks.  Like Weight Watchers.  Or, Don’t-Screw-Up Watchers.

– Ray

(29 and holding)


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