Zombie Double Date

Finally!  I can finally reveal the big news that I’ve been kicking around these past couple of months.

I am going to be featured in an upcoming zombie comic anthology series published by Incubator Press.

In April, I pitched Willie Freeman an idea based upon the guidelines he had established for a world where zombies have taken over, and we’ve really just started to realize how screwed we truly are.  He was gracious enough to take me up on it a short time later.  It is the first comic I’ve ever written, though I own over 6,000.

Double Date tells the story of a very ill-conceived double date set smack dab in the middle of a rainy, zombie-filled night.

So far, I’ve not been assigned an artist, and the publication date is still TBA, but I’m excited.  Hopefully you are, too.  Believe me when I say that I’ll be keeping you all updated.

In the meantime, please, check them (and me) out here.  I’m listed under Food Chain, Vol. 3: Omnivore: Double Date.

Also, I feel I can’t end this post without expressing thanks to not only Willie and Incubator, but also to Veronica Giguere.  She is a highly talented voice actress; and she’s the one who first turned me on to this opportunity.  You can check out her site here.  Veronica also designed the city of Charlton for Incubator’s gangster noir series.  If that’s not enough, she’s also the author of Keepers, a story from the first Food Chain book, drawn by Cristian Navarro.  Be sure to check them out, too.

Ok, see you in the funny pages,



4 responses to “Zombie Double Date

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  2. I received an email tonight, saying they’ve found an artist for Double Date. They had misplaced my script, so I re-sent it. Just so long as they do not lose it on publication day.

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