Take Me With You

“Dude, if you win the lottery, you’ve gotta split it!”

“You’re sooo right.  You, too, though.”

The “winning the lottery” theme has been a constant with practically all of my friends over the years.  You’ve heard me talk about my friend Terrance.  He and I go way back.  We’re both writers, as I might have mentioned.  He dabbles in script writing, while I try my hand at novels.  We’ve both done a little online acting (no, not like that, and no I won’t give away where.)  We’ve said all along that if either of us ever gets famous or wins the lottery, we’re going to take the other with us.  Sappy, right?  But he really would do it for me, and vice versa.

Of the two, I’d take either.  If I won the lottery, I’d write about it.  If I were published, I’d feel like I had won the lottery.  See the circle here?

Since I’ve been online, I’ve run into so many great writers, veteran and noobs.  Some write comics, some novels or short stories, and some crank out article after article.  It’s the ones just getting started – one step above me – that I see and think of the old game of “Take me with you when you go.”  It’ s not a matter of coveting what they have (ok, maybe a little), so much as the excitement of seeing someone who was not so long ago “me” knocking one out of the park.

With determination, you and I can be that to someone else.  I won’t give up if you don’t.

– Ray

Do you ever feel this way?  Drop a comment and tell me a little about it.


2 responses to “Take Me With You

  1. I completely understand what you’re saying. I’m watching Jason get off the ground with his book (Powerless: The Synthesis) and while I don’t think he’s quite ready to claim he won the lottery, I’m still incredibly envious of his excitement and trajectory.


  2. Yes, he’s a great example. Well spoken, knows what he wants. Right on the cusp. He’ll get there, too. Maybe we can stow away in his backpack or something.

    – Ray

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting.

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