Do you suffer from WADD?

As a writer who has so far never suffered from writer’s block, it confuses me and ticks me off when I go long periods without writing.

Seriously.  Think about it: I know my story – beginning, middle, and end; I think about it to the point of obsession; I’m so excited whenever I do sit down and clickity-clack it onto my monitor.  So, what gives?

I think I’m developing Writing Attention Deficit Disorder, or WADD.

That’s right, when I sit down to write, I let myself get distracted more and more.  It was different with my first book, though.  When I was writing Forging Truth, I was so connected you couldn’t pry me away from the keyboard.  I was so connected that one day, Morpheus tried his best to get me to take the blue pill, and I called Agent Smith to have him escorted off premises.

Now, I’ll perch at my “desk” and type a couple of sentences, all will be going well, and Smallville has been renewed for a tenth season, I’ll type a word or three, and wow, 27 tweets since I last updated, by the time I’ve finished my paragraph, iPad reviewed, Top Tweets for Writers, ha! funniest post ever!

And, it’s not just the Interwebs that’s doing it to me, either.  Better clean the house, read this comic, and play with the kiddo.  Hey, I know, I haven’t re-arranged the furniture in the bedroom in a while.  Ok, now that all of that’s done, I can finally sit down to – cricket! I forgot a glass in the living room.  Whew!  Got it in the sink just in the nick of time.  I’ll wash it tomorrow, though, because now it’s bedtime.

And the beat goes on.

So, do you suffer rom WADD?  Any ideas on how to treat this aggressively progressive strain I’ve come down with?  If so, I’d really appreciate oh I’ve just come up with the topic for my next blog post why do we have all these lids but no bowls to go with them think we need to have a yard sale soon I bet some Rocky Road would be good got to go to the store anyways.

– Ray

Edit: I’ve got this tagged with Writing Advice, but my WADD must’ve kicked in, because by golly and by gosh, there’s not a shred of it anywhere in this post.


3 responses to “Do you suffer from WADD?

  1. I have similar problems. Too many ideas, I get started on one, and then start thinking about another. I really need to learn to focus on just one thing @ a time. I don’t even have a wive and kids to use as an excuse.
    Well, I’ll be going to sleep in about an hour, to get an early start tomorrow morning. Got a 3 day weekend. I hope to use it a productively as possible.

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