Big News Update (Sorta)

Ok, the Big News I mentioned earlier is one step closer to my being able to reveal it.  I’ll be collaborating with another person, and once everything is in place with both of us, I can spill the beans.

Oh, and the secret audio project that I’ve been hoping for and talking about on my WIP page kinda fell through.  The door is still cracked open, just not thrown wide.

Keep you posted,

– Ray


4 responses to “Big News Update (Sorta)

  1. J.R., don’t tell anyone, but the Big News is that I switched to Geico and saved. Sshhhh, I’m not ready to reveal just what percentage, but it was more than 15%.

    – Ray

  2. Wow, so I really did think I’d be “spilling the beans” soon, but guess not. It’s taking a little longer. I’m waiting around, but it’ll all pay off in the long run, I’m sure.

    – Ray

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