Don’t Ever Give Up

Terrance and I have been best friends for going on 14 years.  He writes scripts and I write prose.  He’s a great guy with a giant heart.  We only see each other about once a month, or so, and we always have to catch each other up on what’s been going on.  Over the years, he’s told me about another friend of his who is an artist.  His friend has been majoring in Graphic Design at Henderson State University.  For one of his classes, he even drew almost an entire graphic novel.  His teacher didn’t care for it at all.  He felt discouraged and was going to give up his dreams.  But then Terrance stepped up and told him not to even think of it.

“It’s better to go ahead and finish your product.”

Well, the guy stuck to it; he finished the first GN and moved on to his next.  Not only that, but he stuck with his animation, which (I believe) was his first passion.  He has another friend that works for Pixar in CA (I believe), and he’s been communicating with them, showing off his work and such.  This year, he’s going to finish up at HSU.  With degree in hand, he’s now heading to CA to work with his friend at Pixar – on their dime even.  They’re paying for his house and giving him a sizable annual income.  All while doing something he loves.

Don’t give up.  You hear it all the time from family members who are supposed to tell you that.  You hear it all the time from companies trying to sell you on something.  Well, now you’re hearing it from me (like this guy heard it from Terrance): Don’t give up.  Especially if you’re that close to completing something.

Feel free to pass this along to those struggling with realizing their dream.



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