The Good With The Bad

Here’s another rejection letter.  Maybe I should rename my blog?  The Rejection Section?  What do you think?

Thanks for your interest in our agency. Unfortunately you’ve caught me at a time when the demands of my current clients leave me with very little time to devote to developing new talent and unfortunately in this case I have to pass on the opportunity to pursue this. I’m being extremely, and likely unreasonably, picky so please seek many opinions since my decision may have little to do with the salability of your work. Sincerely,  The Rejection Agency

Still not taking it personally.  This is a form letter.  I’ve read elsewhere that this agent sends these out pretty often.  That’s fine.  It’s not snarky, and it’s even semi-apologetic.  It also points out that I shouldn’t give up.  That’s always a good thing, right?

Besides, my mantra is to keep on keeping on, and get my work in front of people.  This is proof that I’m doing that.  Granted, I need to do it more.  I should have already received feedback from a hundred different agencies. 

Also, I’ve been networking heavily lately.  Do not ever discount the viability and need for an author to network via Twitter or other social media or offline.  Don’t wait for conferences.  I’m pitching a comics anthology this week.  And I’m in the very early stages of pitching a story for an established podcast universe with an established fan base (and I’m among one of their biggest fans!).

I’ll keep everyone posted (pun intended).



2 responses to “The Good With The Bad

  1. 15 publishers and 30 agents rejected John Grisham’s first book, A Time To Kill, before he finally found a small publisher to put it out. And the rest is history.

    Don’t ever give up!

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