Rejection Affection

This is not for me, but thank you for the look.


The Rejection Agency

If April showers bring May flowers, what does another round of submissions bring?  That’s right, another round of rejections.

So, with my first official rejection, I felt like I had arrived.  Granted, no one let me in, but I’d shown up at the damn party.  I was happy and present.  So, did this feeling carry over with my second rejection?

Yes and no.

Yeah, I still catch a thrill every time I even tweetchat with an agent, but here’s where the ‘no’ comes in – aside from still being outside of the party looking in, that is – it was the agent that most resonated with me so far.

If you’re there, too, you’re possibly wondering how to cope.  Well, for me, it was easy (-ish).  I just told myself that old dating cliché about all the other fish, and poof!  The world was right again . . .

So, that’s not necessarily how it went.  That’s only part of the truth.  I argued with myself and lamented to myself, but in the end, I really did realize that I have only submitted to but a few on my list so far.  Better than that?  I still have more queries out there.

If you’re thinking that this advice is more suited for those who’ve been in the trenches for longer, think again.  Just like the Doggonit-I’m-Good-Enough guy, you’ve gotta remind yourself after ever rejection.

Don’t give up.


Ray (of hope)

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