I Need My Own Writing Space

Back when I first started writing Forging Truth, I had my own office and desk.  I could sequester myself and crank out three pages a day with relative ease.  As I drew close to the end of that first draft, I was evicted by my wife.   No, not from the house.  I’m sure I wouldn’t be nearly as calm about it.

No, we were doing foster care back then, and we had only been getting boys.  Well, when we got girls to go with our boys, we had to have separate rooms.    We knew we were going to end up adopting the little boy – which we did, I’m happy to say – so we moved my junk into the bedroom and made my office into his room.  Welcome to parenthood.

Now, I’m smack-dab in the middle of the traffic flow.  I’m at the dining room table – which we rarely dine at by the way – without even so much as a beaded curtain to suppress the noise.  Plus, as every writer knows, if you ever take your laptop into the living space, your family will treat you as if you’re looking up movie times, news articles, or the weather.  In other words, not like you’re trying to actually accomplish something.  This is not a knock on my family.  My wife is the utmost supporter I have.  She’ll even realize what she’s doing and apologize.

We moved into this house almost five years ago, and started looking at the property even a year prior to that.  Even back then, we were discussing enclosing the garage once we get our credit cards paid off.  That time is not yet, but it’s a lot closer than it was.  We should be ready to start building in 2011.

We’re going to put in a new bedroom and turn our existing one into a den.  Also in the addition, we’ll have a second bathroom – which we really need now that my son is also taking books into the bathroom.  We’ll have a huge walk-in closet.  Is it manly of me to be excited about that?  We’ll also have a jacuzzi tub that I might not get out of.  Ever.  So, no mention of a office, right?

That’s because we’re going to have to do ANOTHER add-on.  Yay.  But, it’s all coming along.  Maybe in ten years, I’ll have my own space.

Right now, I’m lucky to get three paragraphs per day rather than three pages.  So, that’s 365 x 10 @ 3 paragraphs = 10,950 paragraphs.  That’s probably two books or so between now and then, but . . .

I’ve always rather enjoyed being at the center of things anyway.

Check out these NaNoWriMo writing spaces.  This is what I’m talking about!


3 responses to “I Need My Own Writing Space

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  2. The solution here is easy. Leave your wife and kids, and go live by yourself. Later on, when you’ve become a best-selling author, you can get a new younger wife, and have more kids, if you want.

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