Sweet, Sweet Rejection!

Thank you very much for sending us your query, which we have now reviewed.

Congratulations on the progress you’ve made with your work. Unfortunately we don’t believe it is right for us. As you know, this is a business of opinions and ours is but one, so please don’t take this note as a disappointment. We do very much appreciate you thinking of us, and wish you the best of luck finding the right representation elsewhere.


The Rejection Agency

The above letter was sent to me today.  It was my first official rejection.  I thought I was going to start crying.

Because I was so happy.

Weird, huh?  Seriously, I had no idea how I would feel getting my first rejection.  I never thought that I’d be printed *boom* just like that.  I only hope it happens someday.  You know – not by my own hand/pocketbook.  I’d heard Stephen King and other writers mention their rejections (by the bucketful), and knew I wouldn’t be any different.

I’ve submitted Forging Truth to two agencies and one contest.  I even had to follow-up with one of the agencies after two months went by without any reply.  And, yes, I know that I only need to do the one follow-up.  I hadn’t heard back from either.  I assumed that would be the rejection.  When I received this today, though, I felt vindicated.  I felt like I had been acknowledged, that I hadn’t been working in a vacuum all this time.

I described it to friends and family like this:  You’re walking down the street.  You see someone you know, and you wave.  That person never even acknowledges you.  You can’t be certain that he was even looking at you.  He could have just been looking at those around you.  You don’t want to think this, because he’s a heck of a guy, but you can’t help yourself.  You think, “Screw you, too, buddy.”  This way, though, even if he doesn’t stop for an in-depth conversation, at least he gives you the ol’ “Hey, good to see you.  Tell the wife and kiddo I said hello.”  Even though you realize it was just a canned (form letter) response, at least it was polite.  You smile, and you go on to have more meaningful conversations down the road.

Ray – A Fellow Reject


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