Forging Truth

Last February, I finished the first draft of Forging Truth.  I’ve edited the fire out of it and set it to the side.  I’m slowly submitting it (like, super slowly).  I’ve hit two agents that appealed to me and one contest.  I just read last night where the contest isn’t very highly regarded by agents.  Funny stuff.

I really need to get to submitting.  I’ve got around 70 that I’m more or less interested in.  If they don’t pan out, I’ll look for more.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll try going agent-less.  If that still isn’t the answer, there’s always slushpiles.  If I’m still not picked up, I’ll simply self-publish and lock my friends and people I work with up until they’ve read it.

*clears throat*

Sorry, I kinda faded out there for a second.  What was I talking about?

Right.  Forging Truth.  I actually started writing this back in August of 2002.  I wrote around 30 pages of story and notes.  I had some rough (rough, rough, rough) ideas.  Wrote on it longhand and put it away.

Fast forward.  I picked it up a couple of times in the following years to write the occasional bit in my notes section.  I even typed it up and did some editing along the way.  Nothing stuck, but the desire to finish that story still clung to me tightly.  In 2008 I was laying in bed one morning, trying to wake up.  I’ve found that bed, the shower, the car, and sitting in the bathroom are the very best times to get story ideas.  This particular morning, I had a flood – that’s the absolute best time to be a writer – wash over me and fill me up with new ideas for my dormant Truth novel.

It was the introduction of a brand new character that did it.  I started developing him, and a whole entire world opened up for my protagonist.  The problem: I suddenly had a slew of new characters, settings, and elements that were totally foreign to my original mss.  The solution: I didn’t need one.  I liked the problem I faced.  That’s the best problem to have.  You can always try your characters in new worlds and see if they fit.  In this case, he did.

I waited for a place to open up in the story to fit the previously written pages.  Notice: I didn’t say that I forced it in.  I waited for an organic opening.  Luckily there was.

Now, I’m submitting this novel, writing its sequel, and Grimm Wars based on a new fun cast of creepy folks.

Life is great, yes?

– Ray


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