Yeah, But Ray Loves Everything

(First: Spoiler Warning: DC Comics Identity Crisis)

As best I can recall, the phrase “Yeah, but Ray loves everything” was originally coined by friends of mine in the summer of 2004.  This was the summer of DC Comics’ Identity Crisis and the Rape Heard ‘Round the World.  As comic fans know, in this comic, written by bestselling author Brad Meltzer, beloved wife of the Elongated Man Ralph Dibney was violated by Dr. Arther Light.  She was later murdered, as was Tim Drake’s father and numerous others.  Mr. Meltzer also had the Justice League labotomize Dr. Light and mindwipe Light’s punishment from the mind of Batman.

It was all controversial.  The net was set afire – one of only a handful of times that this has happened.  (With this being my first post, I feel obligated to let everyone know this is sarcasm.)  I have a core group of friends who originally banded together over our love of comics, video games, and dirty jokes.  At any given time, there are between six and ten of us.  Back then, the numbers were closer to the latter, and every one of my buddies hated, hated, HATED what happened the book (or at least, what happened to Sue).  I did not.  I thought it was a very good mini-series (7 issues total).

It was very tragic and brutal, but it gave a real-world feel to the comics that followed.

That said, I do not want to start seeing rape portrayed all the time – in fact, I never have to again.  What I liked about it was how it brought an intense focus on the individuals behind the masks.

My friends, though, didn’t care . . . I swear, they’re relentless.

From Identity Crisis, it was Toby McGuire’s Spiderman.  They didn’t like this, either.  But, yep, I did.  “Yeah, but Ray likes everything.”

The Matrix trilogy?  Again, it rang out.

DC’s Countdown to Final Crisis?  Star Trek: Nemesis?  Yep.  Again and again.

And it went on and on for the past six years.  It’ll never change.  It’s my personality type.  I’m a bona fide Story Whore.  I generally like it all.  Do I love it, no, but I can at least appreciate that this is what the character has gone through, is going through, or will go through.

It’s the emotion, the action, and the subtle story beats.  Mainly, it’s the character.

Ray – your resident Story Whore


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